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Henry Wu's Career Advancement Portfolio
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Extracurricular Activities
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1. Basketball-
    Playing basketball has always given me a sense of freedom whenever I want to escape from the everyday pressures of being a college student.  Being able to go out there and just play hard relieves me of all my troubles and gives me a good excercise anytime I want.  I used to play point guard in high school, which allowed me to lead in various ways.  I was the one to always handle the ball when things got crucial, I made the decisions on what to do, I had the fate of our team resting on my shoulders.  Playing basketball tought me a lot on handling different types of situations with many different options, and I take these lessons with me on in life.
2. Golf-
   I'll be the first one to admit that before I actually started playing golf, I considered golf a lame sport and it was stupid hitting a little white ball around a course for an entire day.  However, once I started playing, I realized what a fun and challenging sport golf really was.  I was actually fascinated chasing that stupid white ball around the course for an entire day.  Playing golf is mostly a mental game, and I think I have improved mentally since starting golf.  I learned many lessons, including being honest in everything I do, and showing respect for everyone.  I have improved my patience, because golf certainly tests one's patience.  To be able to diligently practice for countless hours and stay focused has been very valuable to me.