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Managerial Competence Essay

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Managerial Competence Essay
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1. Communication-

            Of the six criterion for becoming a successful manager, I believe that communication is the weakest aspect of the six.  Past experiences have made me realize that if I am to improve as a person and become a future manager, I must improve on my communication.  When I was young, I was always the quiet kid in class, the one who did his work and never got in trouble, and also never spoke up.  Its not that I didn’t ever know what was going on, it was that I’m naturally just a shy person and I have trouble being open with myself for reasons of fear or rejection.  I am able to write down how I feel and turn it in for an assessment, but I guess like most people I have a fear of public speaking.  I realize that most leaders aren’t afraid to display how they feel and that sometimes you do have to be fearless and make decisions on the spot that could alter the success of their business.  I think recently I have showed some signs of improvement, as this summer I received a job at a cell phone store.  My duties there require me to be very open and kind to complete strangers, in hopes of being able to do business with them.   I would never have been able to do this a few months ago, but I think I have matured since coming to UCI, and my experiences this year has allowed me to open up more and communicate with strangers.  At my current job, I feel that if I haven’t been able to mature and relate to customers, then I wouldn’t be doing a good job and I would probably have been fired by now.  After working for two months there, I guess I’m doing well enough working with customers as I have received three raises already.  Being a great communicator not only deals with customers, but also with coworkers or managers above you.  At first I don’t speak much to anyone, and I’ll come off as the silent mean one, but I’m not really like that.  On the inside, I actually feel completely different, I actually have a lot of ideas floating in my head and I guess I’m just to afraid of being wrong that I don’t say anything.  On the emotional intelligence self assessment, I scored highest on being able to relate well to others, even though it may be hard to believe.If I see something that my coworker could improve on, I’ll make a mental note of it but probably won’t reveal it to him or her yet because I’m too shy or may feel stupid for trying to help.  However, I also realize that in running a business, one crucial mistake left unknown can have heavy effects on a company, and I’ve also realized while working this summer that the earlier you detect a problem, the earlier you can fix it.  Thus throughout this summer I have learned to speak up when necessary and never be too shy because it can mean the difference between success  

2. Teamwork-
       I have always been used to teamwork, as I have played on various sports teams through high school and I have realized that teamwork is crucial to the success of everything.  I think one of the six components, teamwork would definitely have to be one of my stronger ones.  I have never had problems with working with others, and I would always try to make sure our team got along and worked at an efficient pace.  I feel that I excel at conflict management, because I have a personal policy of the sooner we fix things, the sooner we start achieving things.  It is virtually impossible to be effective if there is no teamwork or if people don’t get along.  Teamwork doesn’t just mean having a group of four or five that work on a project together.  In past experiences it has also meant working side by side with a manager to successfully get through a day at work.  I realize that in becoming an effective team player, you have to sometimes take control over a situation, because everyone handles things differently.  Someone might be the best one at dealing with one situation, but I might be better at dealing with another situation.  Excelling at teamwork means realizing when to step up and take control.

3. Self-Management

          Self-management is also another one of my stronger traits.  Because I was so used to being shy and doing things on my own when I was younger, I think that I manage myself pretty well.  In one of the self-assessments, I scored high on self-awareness.  I feel that I am constantly striving for excellence and having a successful business starts with yourself.  You can’t be able to lead or become a successful manager if you can’t manage yourself first.  I like to think that if I have a task set before me then I’ll be able to analyze what needs to be done, and then I’ll go out and do it in the best way possible.  Granted, if I’m doing something wrong, it’ll take me awhile to realize it, and I’ll usually have to have my problem pointed out to me.  That would be one of my weaknesses in self-management.  If I feel like I’m doing things right, I won’t realize small little problems that could harm me in the future.  Once I do realize my problems though, I will take the correct course of action to solve my own problems.

4. Leadership
       When it comes to leadership, I feel that you don't necessarily have to be the one in charge to be a leader.  Often times people lead by example, but it doesn't always mean that they have to be put in a higher position that the people that they are leading.  When taking the self assesment, I realized that I work well in teams, but I don't neccessarily have to be the leader.  In past experiences, I often defer the title of leader because I don't feel that it is neccesary to be called that.  Working in groups can be accomplished without having a true "leader," because then the whole group can act as leaders without being told what to do.  I also tend to pay attention to every member of my group, because I know that alienating even just one member can be detrimental to the success of the group.  One of my weaknesses when it comes to leadership  is that sometimes if progress is not going so well, I'll tend to start focusing on the project and work hard to get it done that I'll try to take over everything.  Even though I try not to, sometimes I'll accidentaly alienate my group members.  Everyone tries to be the "perfect" leader, one who gets everything done and is well liked by his team members, and I hope through my continued development and learning I can eventually achieve that.
5. Critical Thinking
          Critical thinking has always been something that at times I excel at, and at other times i have trouble with.  I feel that I can process information quickly and find the best course of action when confronted with a problem.  When faced with a problem, I try to focus on what the problem is, how to handle the situation, and the best course of action to take to successfuly solve the problem.  However, one of my weaknesses is that often times I only try to see one way to solve the problem, and there might be other options that might be readily available.  That's why I often try to get help from my peers, to see if they can think of better ways to solve a problem.  I know that if I'm to succeed in the future then I have to be able to see things from all different points of view and find the quickest way to solve the problem.
6. Professionalism
        Professionalism is something that I need to work on because of my current maturity level.  At times I can act very childish and I know that it isn't appropriate in the real world and I eventually have to grow up.  Overall I would say that I can act professional but it takes awhile for me to get work done.  I know that in the future I need to act professional all the time in order to gain the respect of my fellow co-workers and in order to succeed in the future.
7. Conclusion
         I am only a second year here at UCI, and I know that I still have a lot of time and room to grow as a leader and a person.  I hope to develop more maturity so that I can be a little more professional in the real world.  I hope to take more management classes to learn more about myself as well as becoming a manager.  I hope to take the skills and lessons that I will learn with me in the future and utilize them to make me a better manager.  I hope to also improve on my weaknesses and build on my positives to become a more complete person not only at UCI, but in the future workplace.